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About Us

ResinArt, the originator of flexible trim mouldings, first introduced this problem solving, innovative product to the building industry in the 1967 and is now the largest manufacturer of flexible moulding worldwide.

DuraFlex® The Original Flexible Moulding With 2 manufacturing facilities, one on each coast, to ensure the best service and selection. ResinArt offers the world's largest selection of DuraFlex Flexible Moulding profiles. And all this at prices lower than the competition.

ResinArt manufactures DuraCraft Columns 6" to 14" diameter up to 12' tall and Capitals in popular styles from 6" to 18". An inventory of more than 25,000 moulding patterns as well as a large selection of architectural accents and accessories. DuraFlex is an easy and economical alternative for radius installations because of its quality, flexibility, and superior longevity. Finished DuraFlex® has the appearance of real wood but is insect proof, moisture proof, and can withstand extreme heat and cold without warping, cracking or deteriorating.

Advantages: Durable one piece construction has continuous wood grain up to 12' in length and smooth up to 20' in length without lamination defects. Product flexibility insures a proper fit. DuraFlex® can be cut, shaped or sanded using normal woodworking equipment. When painting, primer coats are not necessary and all paints are compatible. When staining we recommend using water base stain and should be finished with a clear coat product. Can accommodate virtually any radius requirement 3 times a profiles width or greater.

DuraFlex® The Original Flexible Moulding is an exclusive product of ResinArt. Our online catalog illustrates many of the most popular moulding styles which we have available, however, it is only a portion of those we offer.

The many moulding profiles DuraFlex® offers are designated by a part number and dimensions. When ordering, simply specify whether you want a smooth, oak or pine in addition to the part number and number of lineal feet required. If you don't find the moulding you need, don't worry. We also offer custom moulding made from your wood sample. We can also work from your tracing of any arch, circular window, curved wall or curved frame, etc. in the moulding style of your choice.

So when moulding requirements throw you a curve... specify, sell or install the best for over 30 years...

DuraFlexX® The Original Flexible Moulding leading the Industry in quality, customer service and lead times.