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The Builders Choice since 1968
DuraFlex-The Original Flexible Moulding.

Resinart is the pioneer of flexible moulding and has been supplying the building materials industry since 1968. We specialize in Duraflex flexible mouldings and have an inventory of over 18,000 patterns. In addition to its flexibility and superior longevity, finished DuraFlex is insect proof; moisture proof, and can withstand extreme heat and cold without warping, cracking or deteriorating. Duraflex is an easy and economic alternative for half round windows, arches, ellipticals, ovals, curved walls, dormers and many other radius applications. Duraflex can be used on the interior or exterior and can withstand any harsh environmental conditions.

Amazingly Adaptable

Can accommodate virtually any radius which is 3 times a profile width or greater, Seamless construction without lamination defects!

Lean and Clean

Moisture proof. Insect proof. Can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures without warping, cracking or deteriorating.

Home Installation

Ease of installation using standard woodworking equipment - cut, sand, shape and finish like any standard wood product.